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100% Paper Based Outer Packaging For FMCG Industry

Recognizing the growing importance of environmental stewardship, we are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for sustainable packaging. Our recent project for a client – creating the industry’s first 100% paper-based outer packaging for FMCG products – exemplifies our commitment to environmental responsibility.

The idea of developing 100% paper based outer packaging stemmed from our deep-rooted commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint. We were inspired by the urgent need to reduce plastic waste and give our contribution to a circular economy. This initiative is aligned with the client’s core values of sustainability and social responsibility.

Creating a paper based outer packaging for biscuits, dry cakes, rusks, etc. required extensive research and development. We delved into exploring various types of paper, adhesives, and printing techniques to ensure the packaging met not only our aesthetic standards but also stringent sustainability criteria. Replacing poly packs with outer paper packaging represents a transformative and revolutionary shift in the packaging industry. This innovative alternative not only addresses the environmental concerns associated with traditional poly packs but also signifies a significant step towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices. With thorough research, we sought out innovative solutions to make our vision a reality.

As for the design, with the new packaging, we made sure that it does not just look aesthetic but also has utility; the three holes at the top make it easier for the customer to carry it, thus again reducing the need for another carry bag. This way, we are not only eliminating plastic as a covering but also eliminating another carrier bag.

To overcome challenges, we had to ensure that the paper used was durable and sustainable, protecting the product while minimizing environmental impact. Overcoming moisture resistance, strength, and printing quality required a meticulous approach and collaboration with our and the client’s team, who shared the commitment to sustainability.

Our journey is committed to research and development in paper based outer packaging, exploring even more sustainable packaging solutions, and continuously improving our practices to contribute positively to the environment. This creation represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. By embracing innovation, overcoming challenges, and prioritizing our commitment to the planet, we aim to inspire others in the packaging industry to adopt sustainable practices, contributing collectively to a greener tomorrow.

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