Bagasse Containers

Bagasse containers are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Made from leftover sugarcane pulp, they’re 100% compostable and microwave-safe. Strong, leak-proof, and grease-resistant, they handle hot and cold food perfectly. Available in various sizes and shapes, they offer a sustainable choice for takeout, parties, or everyday meals. Choose guilt-free convenience with a minimal environmental footprint.

  • Compostable and eco-friendly: Made from sugarcane pulp
  • Sturdy and leak-proof for hot, cold, and greasy foods
  • Microwave-safe, freezer-friendly, and versatile for various uses

Bagasse containers, derived from the fibrous remains of sugarcane after juice extraction, exemplify a sustainable and versatile solution within the domain of food-disposable packaging materials. These containers, crafted from natural and renewable resources, are an eco-conscious alternative to traditional plastic or Styrofoam packaging.

Renowned for their sturdy construction and heat resistance, bagasse containers offer optimal functionality for various food service applications, including takeaway meals, catering events, and food delivery services.

Their inherent biodegradability and compostability ensure minimal environmental impact, aligning with the increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions in today’s conscientious market landscape.

Furthermore, bagasse containers exhibit excellent moisture resistance, preserving the freshness and quality of food items while providing a convenient and hygienic packaging solution for both businesses and consumers.

With customizable designs and printing options, these containers also offer branding opportunities, allowing businesses to effectively convey their message while upholding sustainability values.

As regulations and consumer preferences emphasize sustainability and waste reduction, bagasse containers emerge as a preferred choice, embodying the principles of environmental stewardship and practical functionality in the packaging industry.


110, 180, 240, 340, 360, 480 ML

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

50,000 Pieces

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