Paper Bowls

Eco-friendly paper bowls! Crafted from recycled or recyclable paper materials, these bowls are a guilt-free choice for hot or cold foods.  The durable design resists leaks and holds up well, making them perfect for soups, salads, snacks, or even desserts. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs to find the perfect bowl for any occasion.

  • Eco-friendly paper construction for sustainable serving
  • Durable and leak-resistant for hot or cold foods
  • Variety of sizes and designs to suit any need

Paper bowls are versatile and eco-friendly packaging products designed to serve various purposes in the food industry and beyond. Crafted from renewable and biodegradable materials, these bowls offer a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic containers. Addressing the increasing desire for eco-friendly options, these bowls meet the demand of environmentally aware consumers for packaging solutions.

Paper bowls are available in various sizes, ensuring versatility and suitability for diverse needs that are suitable to serve anything from soups and salads to desserts and snacks. The sturdy construction enables the bowls to withstand the weight of various food items without compromising their integrity, providing a reliable option for both hot and cold foods.

These paper bowls are practical and aesthetically pleasing, with the option for custom branding and designs to enhance product presentation and brand visibility. Whether used in quick-service restaurants, food trucks, catering events, or takeaway and delivery services, paper bowls offer a convenient and eco-friendly packaging solution that aligns with consumer preferences for sustainability.

Their versatility and biodegradability make them popular with environmentally conscious consumers seeking sustainable alternatives to conventional packaging options. In summary, paper bowls are a sustainable, practical, and versatile packaging product suitable for various applications. With their eco-friendly credentials and functional design, they meet the advancing needs of businesses and consumers striving for a greener future.


500, 750,1000 ML

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

70,000 Pieces

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