Paper Lunch Box

Paper lunch boxes offer a convenient and eco-friendly way to pack your meals. Made from sturdy paperboard, they’re lightweight yet strong enough to hold various foods. Leak-resistant designs keep contents fresh, while secure lids prevent spills. Available in various sizes, they’re perfect for sandwiches, salads, snacks, and more. Microwave-safe options offer added versatility, and the paper construction makes them a sustainable choice for lunch on-the-go.

  • Eco-friendly paperboard construction for a sustainable choice
  • Lightweight and disposable for convenient use
  • Different sizes and styles for you

Paper lunch boxes from Paper Food Disposable offer an environmentally conscious and practical solution for packaging needs. Crafted from sturdy, sustainable materials, these paper lunch boxes prioritize functionality and eco-friendliness.

Designed to withstand various food items while remaining leak-proof and grease-resistant, they ensure the integrity of the contents during transit and consumption. Moreover, their versatility accommodates diverse culinary offerings, making them suitable for various establishments, from cafes to catering services.

With an emphasis on sustainability, these paper lunch boxes align with contemporary consumer preferences for eco-friendly packaging solutions, enhancing brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

The fact that they are disposable makes it easier to manage waste after consumption and makes recycling or composting more effective.

Paper Food Disposable’s paper lunch boxes offer a perfect packaging solution for businesses committed to sustainability and quality by combining robustness, functionality, and environmental consciousness to meet the ever-evolving demands of the modern food industry.


500,750, 900, 1200, 1400, 2000

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

50,000 Pieces

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