Plastic Bowls

Multipurpose plastic bowls to meet all of your cooking requirements. These bowls, made of sturdy plastic, are lightweight and available in a number of sizes, making them ideal for meal preparation, serving, storage, and even eating lunch on the move.  They are reusable for a variety of uses, and some are microwave-safe for easy reheating. Choose between clear, colorful, and printed designs to get the ideal bowl for every occasion.

  • Durable plastic construction for long-lasting use and reusability
  • Lightweight and versatile for various kitchen tasks
  • Variety of sizes for food prep, serving, storage, and take-out

Plastic bowls, ubiquitous in food-disposable packaging materials, offer a convenient and versatile solution for many culinary applications. These sturdy plastic polymer bowls are perfect for presenting and containing a variety of food items, including salads, soups, desserts, and snacks.

Their lightweight yet robust construction ensures easy handling and transportation, making them popular for commercial food service establishments and household use. While offering practical functionality, plastic bowls also boast excellent moisture resistance properties, effectively preserving the freshness and quality of the enclosed food items.

Additionally, their affordability and widespread availability make them a cost-effective option for businesses seeking efficient packaging solutions. However, it is crucial to note that the environmental impact of plastic bowls, particularly in terms of waste generation and plastic pollution, has prompted increasing scrutiny and calls for sustainability.

As such, efforts to reduce single-use plastics and transition towards more eco-friendly alternatives are gaining momentum across industries. Despite these challenges, plastic bowls remain a prevalent choice in the packaging landscape, highlighting the ongoing need to balance convenience with environmental responsibility in food packaging practices.


500 , 700 ML

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

50,000 Pieces

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