Hinged Rigid Boxes

Hinged rigid boxes elevate presentation with a luxurious book-like design. Their sturdy construction and attached lid offer a secure closure, perfect for gifts, jewelry, or high-end products. Available in various sizes and materials, they combine elegance with functionality, making them a premium packaging choice.

  • Durable construction with a secure hinged closure
  • Luxurious finishes for a high-end presentation
  • Perfect for gifts, keepsakes, or premium products

Hinged rigid boxes, known for their sturdy construction and seamless opening mechanism, offer a sophisticated packaging solution for premium items. Hinged, rigid boxes rise above the ordinary, captivating the senses with their luxurious appeal and surprising practicality.

Their inherent sturdiness, often woven from recycled paperboard, offers exceptional product protection. Delicate jewelry, handcrafted chocolates, or treasured keepsakes rest safely within their cushioned embrace, shielded from bumps and jostles. The signature hinge, expertly integrated and often adorned with magnets or ribbons, adds a touch of sophistication while ensuring easy access and repeated use.

This functionality extends beyond mere convenience, transforming these boxes into cherished vessels for storing meaningful items long after the initial purchase. But hinged rigid boxes are not just champions of practicality; they’re masters of brand storytelling.

Their expansive canvas readily accepts vibrant colors, intricate embossing, and elegant foiling, transforming them into mini billboards that showcase logos, brand messages, and captivating narratives. This elevated presentation amplifies your brand identity, creating a lasting impression that transcends the product.

Responsible sourcing and the increasing availability of recycled paperboard options minimize environmental impact, aligning with growing consumer preferences for eco-conscious packaging solutions.

The hinged design eliminates the need for separate lids, ensuring convenience and a seamless unboxing experience.

Types of Board

Chip Board & Grey Board


Single/Double Walled, Lamination & Foiling, Embossing/Debossing, UV Coating, Vanishing Up to 6 Partitions, Window Patching & Die Cut

Board Size

1.2mm – 3.2mm

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

50,000 Pieces

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