Laminated Rolls

Laminated rolls provide a protective layer for printed materials or packaging. Made by bonding multiple plastic films, they offer enhanced durability, water resistance, and extended shelf life. Available in various thicknesses, finishes (glossy, matte), and materials (BOPP, PET), they cater to diverse applications like pouches, labels, and signage.

  • Durable and water-resistant for secure packaging
  • Flexible for creating custom pouches in various sizes
  • Versatile for industrial and food packaging applications

Laminated Rolls in the realm of packaging reign supreme, their versatility effortlessly spanning delicate food wraps to robust industrial applications. These are thin yet solid sheets boasting a marriage of materials – paper or plastic bonded with a protective film – seamlessly transitioning from factory floors to supermarket shelves. For the culinary world, laminated rolls offer exceptional versatility.

Their barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and grease safeguard the freshness and flavor of food, extending shelf life and minimizing spoilage. From humble cling wraps to sleek retort pouches, laminated rolls adapt to diverse culinary needs, ensuring your creations arrive pristine. But laminated rolls’ prowess extends far beyond the kitchen.

Their inherent strength and heat resistance make them ideal for industrial applications, protecting sensitive equipment and components from scratches, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. In pharmaceutical packaging, their barrier properties safeguard the integrity of delicate medications, ensuring their efficacy and stability.

Even sustainability strides are being made. Advances in recycling technologies allow for the efficient recovery and reuse of certain laminates, minimizing their environmental impact. Thinner gauges and lighter constructions are continuously being developed, reducing resource consumption and ecological changes.

Laminated rolls are ideal for businesses to display logos, bright colors, and product details because they readily accept printing and embossing. With the help of this eye-catching feature, brands can stand out in a competitive market and leave a lasting impression.


Matte Finish, UV Spot Finish, Glossy Finish
2-3 Layers (PET/PE/BOPP/CPP /Met PET/Aluminum Foil)


Up to 9 Color Printing
Up to 1300 mm of web width

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

500 KG

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