Spout Pouches

Spout pouches offer convenient, mess-free dispensing for liquids and semi-solids. Their stand-up design allows for easy filling and storage. Perfect for sauces, beverages, baby food, and more, they come in various sizes and materials for optimal product freshness and portability.

  • Mess-free pouring and resealing with spout
  • Versatile for liquids, sauces, and more
  • Convenient and portable packaging solution

Spout pouches are designed for practicality in liquid packaging, featuring a convenient spout for easy pouring and dispensing. Also known as ‘doypack pouches,’ these have carved a unique niche in the packaging landscape, seamlessly merging controlled product dispensing with eye-catching shelf presence.

Imagine a sleek, flexible pouch with an integrated spout, transforming messy pours and inconvenient containers into something solid. Crafted from a multi-layered blend of high-barrier films and polymers, spout pouches offer exceptional protection against moisture, oxygen, and light, safeguarding the freshness and quality of their contents.

Spout Pouches eliminate the need for cumbersome caps or lids, enhancing convenience and the user experience. This makes them ideal for a wide range of liquid and semi-liquid products, from beverages and sauces to baby food and personal care items.

Their expansive printable surface also provides ample real estate for vibrant graphics, detailed information, and eye-catching logos, transforming the pouch into a mini-billboard that grabs attention on crowded shelves. The spout can be customized with colors, closures, and printing, further reinforcing brand identity and differentiation. And let’s remember the sustainability edge.

Spout pouches require less material than traditional rigid packaging, reducing their carbon footprint. Furthermore, recyclable and refillable options are gaining traction, minimizing environmental impact and appealing to eco-conscious consumers.



Matte Finish, Glossy Finish, Clear Window
2-3 Layers (PET/PE/BOPP/CPP /Met PET/Aluminum Foil)


Side/Center Spout, Shaped Pouches, K Seal & Doyen Seal

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

30,000 Pieces.

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