Paper Bubble Mailers

Paper bubble mailers are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic mailers. Made with recycled paper and a paper-based bubble lining, they offer surprising protection for non-fragile items while minimizing environmental impact. Their lightweight design optimizes shipping costs and comes in various sizes for diverse needs. This sustainable choice is perfect for e-commerce, document mailing, and protecting products during transit.

  • Eco-friendly: recyclable paper exterior
  • Protective: bubble interior cushions fragile items
  • Lightweight: reduces shipping costs

Paper Bubble Mailers, which blend eco-friendliness with protection, feature a kraft paper exterior and a cushioned bubble lining. These bubble mailers are crafted from recycled paper and have an interior cushion made of paper materials. The essence of a paper bubble mailer is its commitment to environmental responsibility while providing excellent product protection without compromising quality.

These paper bubble mailers are made from recycled paper, significantly reducing the dependence on virgin materials and minimizing landfill waste. The innovative paper bubble cushioning provides surprising resilience against bumps and jolts, safeguarding even non-fragile items like apparel, books, cosmetics, and electronics.

Their lightweight design optimizes shipping costs, while their flexible nature minimizes wasted space, further squeezing value out of every shipment. These mailers come in diverse styles and sizes, readily adapting to the business’s needs.

Designed for shipping efficiency, these mailers offer a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic mailers. Embraced for their lightweight yet sturdy construction, Paper Bubble Mailers provide a conscientious choice for mailing items securely without compromising on environmental considerations. Their sustainability, protective capabilities, and convenience make them popular for e-commerce, document mailing, and delivering non-fragile items.

Type of Customization

Lip to Lip Adhesive, Flap With Liner Adhesive, Printing Up to 6 Colors


White, Brown


80 to 150 GSM

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

50,000 Pieces

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