J – Cut Paper Bags

J-cut paper bags redefine convenience and sustainability. Combining a strong, elegant design with a unique J-shaped handle, they offer easy portability and a secure grip. This eco-friendly alternative to plastic boasts vibrant branding potential and adapts to various needs, making it ideal for takeaway, retail, and any occasion where practicality and premium presentation go hand-in-hand.

  • Effortless opening with J-shaped top closure
  • Secure closure for safe carrying
  • Functional and attractive for retail or takeaway

J-cut paper bags redefine convenience and elegance in the sustainable packaging arena. Picture a paper carrier that combines premium presentation with easy portability. It would be strong and elegant, with a unique J-shaped handle.

The innovative J-handle, crafted from reinforced paper or natural materials, provides a secure grip and intuitive opening mechanism, minimizing fumbling and enhancing user experience. This eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags significantly reduces reliance on harmful materials, minimizes landfill waste, and aligns with growing consumer preferences for responsible packaging choices.

Their expansive printable surface readily accepts vibrant colors, intricate designs, and prominent logos, transforming them into mini billboards that sophisticate your brand identity. The J-handle offers unique customization options for further brand integration and differentiation.

J-cut paper bags readily adapt to diverse needs, coming in various sizes and styles to perfectly accommodate specific requirements. Reinforced bottoms and gussets further enhance functionality, allowing them to hold heavier items and maintain their shape during use.

Their impressive strength, user-friendly J-handle design, and eco-conscious credentials make them ideal for takeaway packaging, retail shopping, and any occasion where practicality and premium presentation converge.

Paper Types

Recycled Natural Kraft Paper, Golden Brown Paper, Natural Brown, Virgin Paper, White Virgin Paper, White Recycled Paper, Recycled Natural Kraft Paper, Flip Side Paper
60 GSM – 150 GSM


Serrated Cut, Ultra 0.5” Folded J-Cut Folded Top, Straight Cut, Upto 6 Color Printing

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

20,000 Pieces

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