Bagasse Cavity Plates

Bagasse cavity plates are eco-friendly, disposable options made from leftover sugarcane pulp. These plates feature divided compartments, ideal for packing and separating different food items in meals. They are microwave-safe and sturdy enough for hot and cold foods. Best of all, they are completely biodegradable and compostable, making them a sustainable alternative to plastic meal trays.

  • Made from sustainable and compostable bagasse
  • Compartments keep food separated for a tidy meal
  • Sturdy and ideal for picnics, parties, or everyday use

Bagasse cavity plates, derived from the fibrous residue of sugarcane after juice extraction, exemplify a sustainable and practical solution within the realm of disposable food packaging materials. These plates, characterized by their sturdy construction and eco-friendly composition, offer a viable alternative to traditional plastic and Styrofoam options.

Crafted from natural and renewable resources, bagasse cavity plates boast exceptional strength and resilience, capable of withstanding various culinary applications. Their unique design features compartments or cavities, ideal for serving multiple food items simultaneously without the risk of mingling or spillage, enhancing presentation and functionality.

Beyond their utility, these bagasse cavity plates represent a tangible commitment to environmental stewardship, as their production minimizes reliance on non-renewable resources and reduces waste accumulation. Furthermore, the biodegradable nature of bagasse ensures that these plates can be safely disposed of through composting or recycling, thereby mitigating their environmental footprint.

As consumers and businesses increasingly prioritize sustainability in their purchasing decisions, bagasse cavity plates emerge as a conscientious choice, aligning with corporate sustainability goals and consumer preferences for eco-conscious products. Thus, these innovative food packaging solutions offer practical functionality and embody a larger ethos of environmental responsibility, making them a preferred option for a diverse range of dining establishments and events.


2, and 3 compartments

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

50,000 Pieces

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