Plastic Meal Trays

Plastic meal trays keep your meals organized and portable. These versatile trays feature multiple compartments, perfect for separating entrees, sides, and snacks. Made from durable plastic, they’re ideal for restaurants, cafeterias, meal prep, or taking lunch on the go.  Choose from various sizes and with or without lids for a spill-proof option.

  • Divided compartments for organized meals
  • Durable plastic for safe transport
  • Great for restaurants, meal prep, and on-the-go lunches

In the bustling realm of food service and takeaway, plastic meal trays reign supreme, their practicality effortlessly catering to the demands of on-the-go dining. Imagine sturdy, lightweight plastic molded into compartmentalized vessels, with their leakproof seals and stackable designs streamlining food preparation, transport, and presentation.

This, in essence, is the plastic meal tray—a champion of efficiency, convenience, and portion control, seamlessly transitioning from bustling kitchens to picnic blankets. Their inherent strength offers exceptional product protection, ensuring food arrives fresh and intact, regardless of temperature or jostling.

Leakproof seals and secure lids minimize spills and cross-contamination, while compartmentalized designs prevent culinary mingling and optimize portion control. This convenience extends beyond meal prep, as the lightweight construction and stackable nature simplify storage and transportation, reducing logistical headaches and maximizing space efficiency.

But plastic meal trays aren’t just practical; they’re surprisingly adaptable. Their customizable surfaces readily accept vibrant colors, logos, and branding elements, transforming them into mini billboards that showcase your restaurant or catering service with a professional touch.

Additionally, microwave-safe options allow for convenient reheating, further enhancing user experience. Sustainability strides are being made, too. Advances in bio-based and compostable plastics offer eco-conscious alternatives, minimizing environmental impact while retaining the practicality and convenience of traditional trays.
Responsible sourcing and recycling initiatives are also gaining traction, further reducing the footprint of this ubiquitous packaging solution.


2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 compartments

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

50,000 Pieces

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